Letters to the Editor

West End

Those of us who do business regularly in the West End of Belleville are grateful to Pete Hill of O’Fallon for telling our City Council how absurd it is to even think about rehabilitating the shopping center at 70th and West Main. Perhaps we could someday return the favor by advising the City Council of O’Fallon how to run its business.

Ace Hardware and Jefferson’s are two businesses in the area now. Jefferson’s is expanding to the west and reportedly Ace Hardware is considering doing the same. There is, however,a need for redevelopment. The City has agreed to pay a consultant $30,000 for a study to determine the feasibility of future development and a possible one-cent sales tax to finance it. Instead of challenging the idea as completely worthless, as Pete Hill of O’Fallon does, I welcome the initiative to try and improve the area. Eighth Ward Alderman Roger Wigginton, who has run Don Rodgers Clothing Store in the West End for many years, is fully supportive of the project. I would rather follow his advice on what is best for Belleville than Hill’s any day.

If Hill won’t shop in the area, there are many fine stores in O’Fallon that he is free to patronize.

Joseph B. McDonnell, Belleville