Letters to the Editor

Compare qualifications

Let’s compare Clinton’s qualifications to become president to Trump’s qualifications.

Clinton is a serial thief who began stealing from the American public in the Whitewater incident in Arkansas, and has risen to the pinnacle of thievery with the Clinton Foundation, which benefits the entire Clinton family, no charities whatsoever.

Hillary has a 25-year track record of corruption and incompetence. She turned the Middle east into the hotbed of worldwide terrorism, resulting in the exodus of millions of starving refugees, infiltrated by terrorists, to other parts of the world, including right here in America.

Trump — blowhard; from a privileged background.

Trump was given a lot of money and he has increased its value to 10 times more than he was given. Actions speak louder than words. Trump has achieved outstanding success by building and managing numerous luxury properties. All are tangible evidence of his great success as a leader and manager!

Who would you rather have protect your family’s future — Donald Trump, who has a lifelong track record of motivating employees to achieve at the highest performance levels, or the incredibly incompetent Hillary Clinton, who unwittingly destroyed millions of lives in the Middle East?

Give this some serious thought. Putting Hillary Clinton in charge of negotiating with Putin, Iran and China would literally put your family at risk of being destroyed beyond belief, as the Middle East has been, through Hillary’s greed and incompetent negotiating skills.

Trump will build my family’s future — Hillary will destroy it.

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights