Letters to the Editor

09-05-16 Sound-Off: Maybe Skip Kernan should do some work

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Simple solution

I believe there is a simple solution to the man power debate that dominates the conversation at the St. Clair Township monthly meetings. Perhaps the road District Highway Commissioner, Mr. Skip Kernan, should put on a pair of boots and do a little work himself. I’ve lived in St. Clair Township for more than 30 years. Mr. Roy Grunewald was the Highway commissioner when I moved into my house in Chenot Place, followed by Mitch Algier, Mr. Mark Burke. All these gentlemen plowed snow, cut grass, and worked with the crews on the maintenance of the roads. Mr. Skip Kernan, when you can find him, appears to be coming from or heading to the golf course. He is a disgrace to the fine men that served in his position before him.


It’s unreal that the State of Illinois hired engineers that didn’t know a train went under Route 15, and a creek. What has it been, five years since it’s been fixed? Go by when they are working, and everyone knows the construction company, who have a lot of friends in Springfield., Mo., is building a new four-lane bridge across the Missouri River up by Jeff City and it will take two years. Been five, six years for this one.


The Belleville apartments that were condemned because of the roaches scurrying out the door, was not necessarily the fault of the landlord. It is more likely the fault of the tenants. Roaches do not magically appear out of thin air. They are brought into the building and if not exterminated, they multiply and move from place to place. The landlord is not necessarily responsible for the filth of his tenants. If you put these residents in a hotel, they bring the filth with them to the motel.


I found out Saturday morning that I am a terrorist. According to Hillary Clinton, because I belong to the NRA, all I was doing was going through the channels to find out what time the Cardinal game is on. She doesn’t even know me. Why can she label me a terrorist right way, when it takes Obama months and years when someone has committed heinous deaths and destruction? I bet if I donated to the Clinton Foundation she would change her mind about me. To all you gun owners and NRA members, in Hillary’s eyes you are all terrorists. Take that to the voting booth with you. Her and Dick Durbin dislike you and say you are all un-American.


There is nothing in the history of the world that will destroy a Democracy faster than corruption. This country is so corrupt under this administration for the last eight years. This state is rife with corruption. And this Michael Madigan not allowing us, we the people who pay the bills, the money they take from us and don’t spend the money where it should be spent, (funding pensions). They do what they want to do to keep their criminal enterprise together, the Democratic Party. Denying us the right to have term limits. Term limits are the only hope for us decent tax paying working people in this country, term limits in the state, and term limits in the country. Get the crooked career politicians out of here.


Donald Trump will say illegal immigrants will have to pay taxes. This all comes from a man who won’t reveal how much he pays, if he pays any at all.

School buses

School buses in Troy, going down Highway 40 and coming into Troy in front of the grade school, the school buses just pull right out in front of the vehicles. You are dong 55-60 mph through there and a big yellow school bus pulls right out in front of you. I guarantee it happens to me almost every day I come through town. I guess they figure they are bigger than everyone else and you have to stop for them. They do need to start monitoring the drivers.


The people of Southern Illinois need to send a message to Northern Illinois and vote Republicans in state races. The Attorney General is a relative of Mike Madigan so legally we are screwed. Gov. Rauner is standing his ground, to fight for all of us. All the good manufacturing jobs are in Northern Illinois while our steel mills are being shut down. Let’s send a loud message to Mike Madigan and give the governor a republican majority to get help for Southern Illinois.


The Sound-Off callers who say Donald Trump tells tell the truth and Hillary Clinton lies are ignorant. Fact checks. Hillary lies about 13 percent of the time, which is average for most politicians, and Trump lies 55 percent of the time.


The TIFs given away to Belleville business are outrageous. The mayor needs to wake up, people are getting tired of this. Belleville Crossing isn’t even developed and now they are trying to develop the shrine property, and that is a big question mark. The developers are dragging their feet on the project, but our taxes keep going up. We are paying all this TIF funding and we need to vote the TIFs out. Get rid of the mayor who is sucking the taxpayers dry in Belleville. No wonder everyone is moving away from Belleville. The taxes are so high.


To MIRF Executive Director Mr. Kosiba, your article was very reassuring to local village taxpayers unit of government. I’m happy to hear you are responsible stewards of our tax dollars, auditing employers to ensure individuals are properly enrolled and that they are properly reported. As a taxpayer I am reassured that you will take full responsibility for any miscalculations or poor estimates of the IMRF pensions which occurred in prior years. I am also reassured that you have not only stopped the abuses by a few but that you will be reimbursed for their abuse and they will be held accountable.

Thanks, Girl Scouts

Kudos to Girl Scout Troop 74 for your fourth annual park clean up. Because of you and people like you, we will be able to enjoy Belleville’s oldest park for years to come. Thanks for a job well done.

More taxes

I wonder if the expense of the airport and their new deal being over budget is why my real estate taxes in Swansea have gone up 581 percent over last year.


I am a senior citizen. Last year there was no cost of living increase in Social Security checks. But rent went up, utilities went up, the cable went up, health insurance premiums went up. Auto insurance went up, property and sales taxes went up, except for construction and development projects. Even a bag of ramen noodles at the local grocer went up. Four weeks every year I have to buy bottled water due to chlorine in the water. There is no honor in deceit.


If the St. Clair County voters are unhappy about the action of their county board and they are giving our money away, they need to get off of their duffs and vote out the entire County Board, starting with Mark Kern.

So what

I understand from the news lately, the hackers have gotten into the Illinois registry of voters. And everyone is upset. What is the big deal? All they are going to get is a list of a bunch of dead people.