What top contender KO’d Sonny Liston?

Today’s question: After losing the heavyweight title to Muhammad Ali in 1964, Sonny Liston fought primarily in Europe for several years. When he finally came back to America to fight a top contender, he was knocked out in the ninth round. Who was the contender that knocked him out?

Yesterday’s answer: Drew Brees made a drastic improvement in 2004. His 65.5 percent completion percentage improved by almost 8 percent from 2003. His 3,159 passing yards was over 1,000 more yards than what he threw in 2003. His 27 touchdown passes were more than double his 2003 total. His interceptions went down from 15 to only seven. Brees could get it done on the ground, too. He had 85 yards rushing and two rushing touchdowns in 2004.