Collinsville defeats Granite City in alumni game

Quarterback J’Vaughn Williams connected with Marshun Kyles on a 60-yard touchdown play late in the third quarter as Collinsville edged Granite City 6-2 on Saturday in the Granite City-Collinsville Alumni football game at Kahok Stadium.

The game between the two longtime Southwestern Conference rivals attracted over 100 former players ranging in age from 19-54. Collinsville football coach Rick Reinhart estimated a crowd of over 2,000 attended the game, which was played in hot, humid conditions.

“It was a great night and to the man, everyone who played came up and said how much they enjoyed putting on the pads and helmets and getting after it last night,” Reinhart said Sunday.

“A guy like Wayne (White), who played quarterback in the Old Bowl for 20 minutes then came out and played in the regular game. He’s a police officer who hasn’t played football for many years, but he came out last night and just gave a tremendous effort. Players from both teams did that all night. Guys were crawling off the field, then two plays later they were running back on. You have to love that kind of effort.”

Granite City scored its points on a safety when a Collinsville player ran out of the end zone. Proceeds from the game went to the football programs of both Collinsville and Granite City.