A 6-year-old ‘coach’ made a mound visit to give summer college league team a pep talk

Major League Baseball has put a limit in mound visits the past few years, but most fans wouldn’t be upset seeing something like this.

The Kalamazoo Growlers, a summer college baseball team in the Northwoods League, have what the team is calling the youngest coach in all of baseball.

It’s 6-year-old Drake, who showed in the video above that he isn’t afraid to make a mound visit and let the team know it needs to play better.

The team isn’t saying much about Drake or why he’s in uniform, but did tell The Star he’s “been ejected more than we can count.”

How’d you like to be the umpire who booted Drake from a game?

“He’s a huge fan of baseball — loves the game — and he has a temper,” Growlers’ managing partner Brian Colopy told of Coach Drake. “He’s the youngest-known coach that we can find, at least in baseball.”

Mizzou senior Spencer Juergens is a pitcher for the Growlers, and he’ll have some stories to tell his Tigers teammates.