Boys Basketball

Harre’s back on the bench in Nashville, this time to lead the Hornets boys

Wayne Harre resigned last month as athletic director at Nashville High School. He was hired as the Hornets’ boys basketball coach Thursday.
Wayne Harre resigned last month as athletic director at Nashville High School. He was hired as the Hornets’ boys basketball coach Thursday. BND File

After a two-year hiatus from coaching, Wayne Harre is returning to the basketball court at Nashville High School.

Harre, 52, a Nashville native and longtime girls basketball coach, was named boys coach Wednesday and will replace Brad Weathers, who resigned as coach of the Hornets after eight seasons.

Harre resigned as athletic director April 11, saying that being a full-time athletic director and successful farmer was too much to handle.

He previously led the Nashville girls to the 2013 Class 2A state title and won more than 400 games.

“I’m excited and perhaps a little apprehensive about this opportunity to coach the boys basketball team at Nashville High School,” Harre said on Thursday. “With farming and all the time that it takes and being the boys basketball coach and the responsibilities and time that requires, I really had to think about this before I made up my mind to apply.

“I was very up front when I applied and met with the board. I’m going to try this and see how it goes. If it gets to the point where it gets to be too much between the farm and coaching, then they might have to go in a different direction.”

Weathers, who took over when Darin Lee left to take the coaching job at Collinsville High School in 2009, led the Hornets to four regional championships and a second place finish in the Class 2A State Tournament in 2014. He resigned with a record of 180-72 in his eight years at Nashville.

Harre said it was Weathers who convinced him to apply for the job.

“I was going back and forth trying to decide what I wanted to d and, to be very honest about it, I had really made up my mind that I wasn’t going to,” Harre said. “Then I met with Brad (Weathers), a man and a coach that I have the world of respect for and who is a first class person.

“Brad told me that he thought I should give it a try. Then I had a long talk yesterday (Wednesday) with Darin Lee, who is another coach I respect and know very well. To think that I’m taking over a program whose last two coaches were Darin Lee and Brad Weathers, that is a lot of responsibility.”

Longtime assistants Jason Guest, Patrick Weathers and Kelly Cruser will remain with the program.

“Like we did with the girls, we’re going to stress defense; we’re going to try and stop the other team from scoring,” Harre said.

But Harre also recognizes the difference between the boys and girls games.

“The girls game can be and often times is very physical. But I think overall, the boys are just stronger. I think its easier for the boys to throw a length of the court pass,” Harre said. “And the speed of game is faster with the boys. It will be an adjustment in making more decisions on the fly. But the coaching staff will help with that.”