Cardinals manager Shildt says fly balls at Busch are traveling 4 1/2 feet shorter than usual

Marcell Ozuna had a long fly out in Game 1 that seemed not to travel as far as the same ball might have on a warmer night.

Asked about the fly ball, Shildt said he was informed by "our front office analytical group" that the ball was traveling about four and a half feet less than normal.

Not four feet and not five feet, but four and a half. Either way, Shildt said it's not enough information to dictate lineup decisions.

"There's probably all kind of different theories behind that," he said. "It could be any number of things. It's more of a fact than it is a tidbit we're going to really ultimately act upon. I don't know if it's our games or in total in postseason baseball."

Tommy Edman said he hadn't noticed a change. He then asked Jose Martinez, who joined him at a pregame press conference, and Martinez concurred.

"I would say yesterday it was just a matter of it being a little bit colder out and to have a day where it doesn't travel as much, maybe (it was) just the weather changing," Edman said.