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Cardinals vs. Giants, August 21

So the Cardinals can't beat a rookie on Friday... But they pound the two-time defending Cy Young Award winner for four runs on Saturday.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Tim Lincecum gave up four earned runs on six hits and two walks in 5 1/3 innings. And to make matters worse, he gave up a homer to Randy Winn who has a career .343 slugging percentage, surrendered two hits a run and two RBIs to Pedro Feliz and his .221 batting average when he arrived a game before from Houston and and RBI hit to Brendan Ryan who escaped the ninth spot in the order to bat eighth.

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Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols steals his 12th base of the season Friday against the Giants. The ball got away and allowed him to move on to third where he was later driven home on a hit by centerfielder Jon Jay. AP photo.

Chris Carpenter was brilliant in a 7 1/3 inning appearance in which he gave up five hits and one earned run. He seemed in control all night long and was pitching much more freely and easier than his last start when it was speculated that his back might still be aching from its meeting with Johnny Cueto's spikes.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Carpenter

Cardinals Play of the Game: Feliz's fifth inning "triple." Actually the ball was a double down the line that went between the legs of the Giants' left fielder and rolled along the outfield wall toward center as he tried to surround the ball in the corner. What was so great about that? Well, the play allowed Yadier Molina to score from first base after a walk. Seriously, when has Molina ever scored from first on anything less than a homer. I'm surprised Feliz didn't lap him.

Lowlight: Skip Schumaker was 0-for-4 on the night, the only Cardinals starting position player not to collect a hit.