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Dunn deal?

Roy Halladay and Matt Holliday could be out of their league. But ESPN thinks the Cardinals may be making a play for Adam Dunn to give the St. Louis offense a jolt.

Dunn, strikes out a ton and is only hitting .265. But he has 24 homers to potentially scare opposing hurlers into facing Albert Pujols a little more often. I like Holliday because he is a high everage guy who makes it more likely that he will make pitchers pay for issuing intentional passes.

If there's a guy on second and two outs, you can pitch to Albert and risk giving up two runs, or you can pitch to Dunn and risk giving up three.

One thing I would worry about is the fact that Dunn is a lefty, so managers might still walk Pujols and then go to the lefty in the pen. But Dunn hits southpaws almost as well as righties -- at least for average. This season he is hitting .255 vs. lefties and. 270 against righties. But 19 of his 24 homers are against righties.

Dunn signed a two-year, $20 million contract with Washington before this season.