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Cardinals at Reds, Sept. 30

Ok, now I'm a little worried.

As hot as the Cardinals were, they are cold now. And just at the wrong time.

They were pounded Wednesday -- for the second night in a row -- by the nothing to play for Reds. This time it was John Smoltz absorbing a 6-1 loss, giving up six hits, five walks and six earned runs in four innings. The big blow came in the third inning when he surrendered a grand slam.


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Cardinals starter John Smoltz gets a new ball while Reds outfielder Jay Bruce scores on a bases loaded walk. AP photo.

The much touted Redbirds offense has been as bad or worse than the pitching during the Birds September swoon. It managed five hits, and two of them came from Albert Pujols.

Cardinals Star of the Game: I guess it has to be Pujols.

Lowlight: With the Cardinals down by six and Smoltz struggling, the veteran pitcher got a ground ball to third base. Mark DeRosa, picked the ball nicely -- then inexplicably admired it in a sharp looking pose before finally throwing to first base... Just a hair too late to get the runner... Nice.