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Eckstein hopes for San Diego resurgence

Former Cardinals shortstop -- and 2006 World Series MVP -- David Eckstein insists a poor performance last year isn't a sign that he's done.

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Now 34, Eck said it was a flaw in his swing not age that caused him to have a lousy 2008 campaign in which he hit only .265 with 58 runs scored -- the second lowest and lowest totals of his career, respectively.

“Basically, last year, I had no chance,” Eckstein told the San Diego Union-Tribune “Last year, I had a speed limit on my bat. Now I have a better chance to drive down through the ball and be aggressive.” 

 Moved to second base from his customary position, Eckstein has impressed his San Diego team mates.

“He's a battler, man,” No. 3 hitter Brian Giles said. “He's going to help us out in the No. 2 hole.”  

Eckstein had three .290 plus seasons in a row while in a Cardinals uniform. Last year he played for Toronto and Arizona. The Diamondbacks chose not to re-sign Eckstein and replaced him with another former Cardinal -- Felipe Lopez -- who hit two home runs on opening day.