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Say it ain't so: 15-game winner Lincecum cops Cy

Proving that not only San Francisco starter Tim Lincecum -- but many baseball writers -- are on drugs, the Giants ace became the starting pitcher with the least wins in National League history to win the Cy Young Award.

Lincecum managed an eight-way tie for fourth place in the NL for wins behind Adam Wainwright's league leading 19 victories and Chris Carpenter's 17 to win his second consecutive Cy.

Interestingly, San Francisco Chronicle baseball writer Henry Schulman went public with his ballot and said that he voted for Carpenter to win his second Cy Young with Lincecum second on his ballot and Wainwright third.

It was refreshing to read his explanation, not only because he was so impartial, but also because he sheds some light onto the exhaustive research he did to make a determination. Click here to read the Schulman article, in which the writer said this was the toughest award decision he has had to make in his 20 years as a voter.

I'm interested to know if Carpenter and Wainwright split the vote to pave the way for Lincecum's win. But it's hard to tell at this point since doesn't have the vote totals on its website yet despite the fact that ballots were cast five weeks ago. On, 21 writers shared their votes. Carpenter and Wainwright split 11 votes with Carp taking six and Lincecum scored 10.

(UPDATE: The ballot count was 100 points for Lincecum, 94 for Carpenter and 90 for Wainwright. Lincecum won the award, but he didn't get the most first place votes. Wainwright did. Lincecum got the second most votes for first, second and third place. What a stupid system when the guy who the most balloters think is the best isn't judged to be the best...)


1) Carpenter 2.242

2) Lincecum 2.476

4) Wainwright 2.627


1) Wainwright 19

2) Carpenter 17

4) Lincecum 15 (tie)


1) Carpenter .810

3) Wainwright .704

4) Lincecum .682


1) Carpenter 1.007

4) Lincecum 1.047

10) Wainwright 1.210


1) Lincecum 261

4) Wainwright 212

25) Carpenter 144

Lincecum was the defending NL Cy Young winner. He beat second place finisher Brandon Webb, of the Diamondbacks, by a 137-73 and got 23 first place votes to Webb's four. Of course, Carpenter wasn't in the balloting in 208 because he missed almost all of the 2008 season with injuries. Wainwright also suffered through injuries and only pitched 132 innings, winning 11 and losing three.