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Softballpark Village?

I don't want to lay the gruff stuff on too thick with opening day just around the corner and temperatures in the 70s...

But a softball park on the site of Ballpark Village? Seriously?

That's one of the lousiest ideas imaginable for one of the most choice hunks of real estate in the city of St. Louis.

A softball field takes up a big chunk of ground and guarantees it can only be used by a small number of people at one time. Most of the time, it won't be useful at all, just a fenced in area. That doesn't sound much better than what was going on at the site since 2006.

If the team set up a carnival with a ferris wheel and a carousel on the spot, at least it would be someplace that parents could use with their kids before and after games.

A softball field hardly seems like an idea worth waiting three years for.