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See ya, Cincy

Is it wrong for me to be giddy with joy at the fact that the Phillies turned the loud-mouthed Reds into playoff roadkill?

The team that modeled itself on the Cardinals and then rudely mocked them on its first trip to the post season in 15 years shouldn't have bothered to make the trip. Cincinnati managed only 11 hits in the three-game sweep, allowing Roy Halladay the National League's first playoff no-hitter in the opener. In fact, the Reds only scored in one of the three games against Philadelphia.

It was especially sweet to see jerk pitcher Johnny Cueto, who ended St. Louis backup catcher Jason LaRue's career and injured starting pitcher Chris Carpenter's back by kicking them with hit metal-spiked shoes during a scrum in Cincinnati, got the loss in the deciding game.

Johnny Cueto, loser. I sort of like the way that rolls off the tongue.

I'm not saying that the Cardinals would have done any better against the Phillies because their offense was so terrible after David Freese went down to injury and Ryan Ludwick was traded away to San Diego.

But it would have been something to see Philadelphia's Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels matched up with Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Jake Westbrook...