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Cardinals at Indians, June 13

The Cardinals rode a great start from Brad Thompson to a squeeker win over Cleveland on turn back the clock day.

For whatever reason, the clock was rewound to 1988 when the Redbirds suffered a hangover from their 1987 World Series loss to the Twins and the Indians were mired in a World Series drought that still drags on today.

The uniforms for St. Louis were the gray pullovers with red caps even on the road. But the similarities ended there because the baggy modern style bore no resemblance to the tight duds Vince Coleman and Ozzie Smith wore. And the result on the field wasn't really the same, either.

In 1988, Tom Brunansky hit 22 homers to lead the Cardinals in that category for the season. On Saturday Albert Pujols hit a pair of homers to match that total by early June.

Cardinals Star of the game: Pujols has to get the nod when he almost single handedly represented the St. Louis offense... Not to mention that he made several snazzy defensive plays. But I have to give a mention to Yadier Molina for possibly saving the game in the ninth inning when Brendan Ryan spooked Ryan Ludwick out of catching a pop up down the right field line. The Indians runner rounded the bag as Pujols vacated first base to chase the ball... And he found himself in a pickle when Molina backed up the play and prevented him from going back to first base. The runner was eventually tagged out, taking away a baserunner and a valuable out.

Lowlight: Joe Thurston had a chance to help the Cardinals to an important insurance run by bunting with no out. He popped up a foul to the catcher lunging after the ball and failed to get the job done. When you're a journeyman trying to stick in the bigs, you have to be able to do the little things.