Cheap Seats

The line between the Cardinals and Nats is further blurred

The economy may seem bad, but how terrible could it really be when former Cardinals Sidney Ponson, Kip Wells and Julian Tavarez all have jobs?

Ponson agreed to terms Monday with the Royals while Wells and Tavarez signed with Washington. I found it refreshing to see the Nationals take on a couple of Cardinals rejects for a change instead of vice versa.

Royals fans seemed more than a little disappointed to see Ponson, who punched his way out of Baltimore before blowing second, third, fourth  and fifth chances with the Cardinals, Yankees, Twins and Rangers. The Kansas City Star's online comment page was teeming with pans of the move. My favorite was a remark that the team only signed Ponson to give the Omaha, Neb. police department some job security. Omaha is the home of the Royals' Class AAA farm team.

Ponson basically replaces Wells who ended up in Kansas City last year after the Rockies bailed on him. Tavarez had some success in Boston after leaving the Cardinals. But he has got an awful lot of miles on his arm.