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DeWitt III talks Holliday

Cardinals president William DeWitt III spoke on 1380 AM this morning about the state of the Matt Holliday negotiations.

He said no deal was imminent and that it could go either way at this point. He said the two sides aren't exactly hammering out the final deal when asked to describe the state of negotiatons. It's more accurate to say things are in a holding pattern as agent Scott Boras continues to hold out for a higher offer to come in.

"Early on I thought it was 50-50 and i am going to stick with that," DeWitt said when asked to handicap the likelihood of Holliday signing with the Redbirds. "There have been times when I thought it was going to come together and times that it didn't look like it was going to happen."

DeWitt said the Cardinals are sincere in their desire to bring back Holliday. But they don't feel desperate to get keep him at any cost.

"There is no question when we got him last season our sincere hope and expectation was that we could re-sign him," DeWitt said. "There would be disappointment if we don't get him. But it would be because it was the right decision if we don't do it."

The Cardinals also feel that there are decent fallback plans out there, including bringing back Mark DeRosa and adding to the pitching staff if Holliday signs elsewhere, according to DeWitt.

"If we don't do Holliday, sure there will be a short term disappointment, but it will fade fast because it wasn't going to be a good deal for us," DeWitt said. "There is still a lot of great talent out there and maybe we can spread that money around a little bit in left field and on the pitching staff."

On the possibility of signing Albert Pujols to an extension:

"I am optimistic," DeWitt said. "I think Albert loves it here and we certainly have plenty of payroll room to make something happen for him."