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Tejada goes back to O's

Scratch Miguel Tejada off the Cardinals' wish list.

According to the Baltimore sun, he has signed a one-year contract to return to Baltimore. Terms of the deal have not yet been revealed.

The Orioles probably had some money to spend with only a few low level purchases this off-season. But they don't seem to have much of a chance to win, so one would think that the Cardinals didn't ultimately make much of a push.

I have gone back and forth on whether I preferred Tejada or Felipe Lopez to fill the Cardinals need for an infielder who could play third base. Tejada has a more exciting bat. But he's righthanded and the Birds have little lefty presence, so Lopez's switch hitting could come in handy. Tejada also has no experience at third, so that was a bit of a question mark when it came to St. Louis' interest.

I'd hope Tejada's signing would focus the Cardinals on Lopez, although it might only serve to drive up his price...