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Fan falls out of stands

Tuesday marked a scary first for the new Busch Stadium when a man fell out of the Casino Queen party deck and onto a female fan in the box seats below.

The Cardinals haven't said anything about the condition of the faller or the person who was landed upon. Although talk in the stands was that the woman was more seriously injured than the fan who fell.

I used to have a share of seats in the first row of the second level at Busch Stadium. Althought they were a very poor substitute for the seats they replaced in first row of the second level at old Busch, the reason I got rid of them had nothing to do with the site lines or proximity to the field.

It had everything to do with the fact that only a low wall stood between me and a precipitous drop 30 or 35 feet to the concrete below. It was downright scary to sit there with my toddler son, and last year I refused to do so, standing in SRO space instead of trying to watch the game from above where my heart stopped every time he made a sudden move. 

If i hear anything else about the condition of the fans, I'll pass it on.