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La Rue will retire thanks to concussion

Cardinals catcher Jason La Rue announced Saturday that he will retire thanks to the season-ending head injury he was dealt when he was repeatedly kicked in the head by Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.

I wish the 36-year-old La Rue would sue Cueto for prematurely ending his career. It would probably be the only way any sort of justice would be dealt in the situation. The decision of Major League Baseball to suspend Cueto for what amounted to one start was absolutely ridiculous. I don't think there's any argument that Cueto tried to injure La Rue and St. Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter on purpose. And I have long believed that if a player injures another on purpose that he should have to sit out until the guy he hurt comes back.

In this case, Cueto's career ought to be over, too.

La Rue hasn't hit like he once did since he joined the Redbirds. But he has been a solid backup backstop. It's a shame to see him go out like this, with the bloodthirsty fans he played in front of during his prime cheering as his career was ended in front of them.

I still can't believe the signs some Reds fans brought to Busch Stadium the last time Cincinnati was here that not only defended Cueto's actions -- but applauded them.

That's the difference between Cincinnati fans and St. Louis fans. Cardinals rooters gave Ryan Ludwick a standing ovation when he returned as a Padre. The Reds' fans don't care who gets hurt or how dirty their team has to be to make the playoffs.

But I guess that's the mentality you get when your franchise player is a convicted felon and compulsive liar who bet on baseball...