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Mets downplay Holliday interest

In a follow up to the New York Post's earlier report about the Yankees lack of interest in Matt Holliday, Joel Sherman now says the Mets claim they won't get into a bidding war for his services, either.

While it could be a disinformation campaign, Sherman reports the Mets are telling other teams that they do not plan to drive the Holliday market and run up his value.

And, while the local media is largely pessimistic about the Redbirds' intentions with Holliday, it is interesting that the national baseball reporters still see the Cardinals as a player. Sherman said St. Louis still considers Holliday to be the centerpiece of its offseason plans.

One thing is certain, I sure hate Scott Boras' game playing. His manipulation of the market has grown tiresome over the last couple of years and, with the exception of the Mark Teixeira situation last year, seems to have lost its effectiveness.

He almost completely ruined the market for Alex Rodriguez by driving his price up to the point where only one team could afford him and then alienating that team from the bidding. But he knows all it takes is one desperate bidder to drive the market to the stratosphere.

I have great respect for Holliday. And longtime readers know I have been pushing for the Cardinals to pick him up for two years. But I really don't think he is a $150 million or $180 million ballplayer. The Cardinals can afford to compensate him well. Beyond most of our dreams. But if he wants to play on a competitive team, he can't break the bank...

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