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People in glass houses shouldn't throw baseballs

Former Cubs pitcher Fergie Jenkins said he thinks Mark McGwire needs to personally apologize to each and every pitcher that was a victim of one or more of his homers because of McGwire's use of performance enhancing drugs.

Jenkins then added that McGwire wouldn't have hit a homer when he was on the mound because "it's tough to hit a home run off your back." Those are some tough words. It's obvious Jenkins must be as pure as the driven snow to be emboldened enough to say such things...

Oh, wait a minute. Old Fergie seems to have had some drug problems of his own.

In 1980 he was busted in a customs search in Toronto. He was in possession of cocaine, hashish and marijuana and it caused him to become one of the first players in MLB history to be suspended for drug abuse. He, however, got lawyers involved and had the suspension overturned after two weeks. Interesting that Jenkins doesn't feel like McGwire has done enough to take responsibility for his drug abuse ... But Jenkins didn't think he needed to take any responsibility for his drug problem at all.

Maybe Jenkins needs to say he's sorry to every batter he struck out while he was jacked up on coke. I'm just saying...

Although he was never convicted or drug possession, Jenkins blamed the stigma of his arrest for delaying his eventual entrance into the Hall of Fame. While he was eligible in 1988, he wasn't elected until 1991. Personally, I think there is no doubt Jenkins belongs in the Hall because of his amazing accomplishment of being the winningest pitcher to never play for a first place team.

I really don't condone what McGwire did. And I'm tired of hearing his lame excuses. But I'm even more tired of hearing people pile on and try to make themselves look better by tearing down others. You can't undo the past. All we can do is move on. And if Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Miguel Tejada and all of the others who have been linked to performance enhancing drugs are allowed to participate in the game, how can you single out McGwire?