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Were Rockies playing foul?

ESPN's Jon Miller thinks the Rockies' huge comebacks last week against the Cardinals were a little bit more than an amazing turn of events.

The broadcaster said he thinks Colorado switches balls given to umpires when the home team finds itself behind in games. Out go the humidor treated balls that make Coors field play like a real, life-sized ballpark. In come non-humidor balls just like those that flew out of the ballpark with shocking regularity in Colorado's early seasons in Major League Baseball.

Miller is calling on Major League Baseball to investigate the situation -- and for the Coors Field humidor to be monitored to make sure all the balls are on the up and up. Click here to read the whole story.

It's an interesting theory. But the Cardinals don't need to make excuses. If they would have played better defense and not given the Rockies extra chance after extra chance, they would have won the two games in Colorado that they lost. And then there would be nothing to talk about.