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Red Sox check in on Holliday, Ankiel

The Red Sox, according to the Boston Herald, to say that they are interested in both Matt Holliday and Rick Ankiel as free agents.

Boston is believed to be more interested in bringing back its in house candidate for left field, Jason Bay. But bay turned down the team's initial contract offer. Even though Bay was considered to be a much cheaper option, Bean Town's involvement could be bad news for the Cardinals for a couple of reasons.

Not only could the Red Sox afford to ridiculously inflate Holliday's price. But where ever they go, the Yankees are sure to come sniffing around. And if that happens, which agent Scott Boras is counting on, things could get out of hand quickly.

The Rick Ankiel interest was especially interesting because he doesn't exactly seem like the kind of player who would thrive in Boston's high pressure atmosphere. Ankiel seems to spiral downward when he starts to press, and Red Sox fans aren't exactly known for their patience with underperforming players.