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On this date in Cardinals history, May 11

On this date, a Cardinals pitcher tied the major record for most wild pitches in an inning: 3.

I know what you're thinking. No, it wasn't Rick Ankiel. The year was 1932 and the pitcher was "Wild Bill" Hallahan who was hurling against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Some players don't deserve the nicknames they're stuck with. But that wasn't the case for Wild Bill who led the senior circuit in bases on balls and wild pitches three times each.

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Hallahan isn't remembered the way Bob Gibson or Dizzy Dean are by Cardinals fans. But he was a very significant player in team history.

He played for St. Louis from 1925 to 36. Few Redbirds can match his mark of playing in four World Series with the team:1926, 30, 31 and 34. In post season play he was 3-1 with a 1.36 ERA. His best World Series came in 1931 against the Athletics when he won two games by allowing less than half a run per nine innings pitched.

It's only fair to add that, while he could pile up the walks, Hallahan also twice led the NL in strikeouts.