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Fielder's folly

I'd heard about it for the last couple of days, but I just saw the disgraceful homerun celebration the Brewers put on over the weekend against San Francisco.

And I thought the routine with the untucking the shirts -- which Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder also managed to work in during the event in question -- was weak... But it begs the question, when you're five games under .500, 15 games out and in fourth place, wouldn't it be wiser to spend your extra time thinking about ways to get better or practicing instead of choreographing routines that you hope to employ should you win a meaningless game?

In case you missed it, Fielder hit a game winning homer and can be seen directing his teammates to home plate as he untucks his shirt and circles the bases. When he arrives at the plate, he stomps on it and the rest of the Brewers, arranged in a semi-circle around him, fall down in unison as if he was a bowling ball and they were the pins.

blog post photo

Prince Fielder tries to corner the market on mustard by pulling off the biggest hot dog routine in the history of Major League Baseball. AP photo.


Too bad Bob Gibson doesn't still pitch. I'm pretty sure that this sort of thing wouldn't happen if Fielder had to dig in against him the next day...

Instead, I guess I'll just have to take satisfaction in knowing that the Brewers will soon have the whole off-season to ponder their dance routines while teams that can actually play baseball are taking care of business in the playoffs.