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More on the Cardinals and Smoltz

While the local media reports that the Cardinals are content to go with Kyle McClellan as fifth starter and Rich Hill as Plan B, one national reporter disagrees.

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal writes that the Birds would like to have future Hall of Famer John Smoltz back, but quotes the dreaded anonymous club official as saying the team doesn't have the "financial flexibility" to ink him to a new deal.

Smoltz is said to be asking for $3 million and the Cardinals currently have $6-$7 million left beneath their self-imposed $100 million payroll ceiling. By my math, that means the Cardinals DO have enough money to sign Smoltz if that was what they chose to do. But it seems the front office is more concerned with adding to the bench.

Hopefully the comment is a sign that the Redbirds are planning to make a move for Felipe Lopez or someone similar and they are saving their cash for that...