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Hey Florida, we'll take your lazy shortstop

Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez is getting a lot of internet attention today for a lazy play he made last night against Arizona.

The All-Star shortstop had a pop fly get over his head and while retreiving it, he accidentally kicked it into right field. It all went downhill from there... Ramirez lazily jogged after the ball and allowed the batter to turn a gift single into a two-run triple.

Click here to see the video.

When Ramirez returned to the dugout, that Marlins manager questioned him about the play. Ramirez, apparently blamed it on a sore foot. But Fredi Gonzalez wasn't buying it and he benched Ramirez, instead sending former Cardinals infielder Brian Barden out to short for the top of the inning.

Now, I don't condone lazy play. But I really want just want to help out the Marlins by offering, on behalf of Cardinals manager John Mozeliak, a trade of our super hustling shortstop Brendan Ryan for their lazy, no account infielder. Yeah, Ramirez makes a whole lot more money than Ryan. But we'll take on the extra money just out of the goodness of our hearts. Or, if it makes the Fish feel that bad, we could send them Kyle Lohse and his paycheck to sort of even out the financials...

St. Louis has a way of turning players with bad clubhouse reputations into pretty decent players... Jim Edmonds, Pedro Guerrero, Gregg Jefferies for example. And maybe we can make something out of Ramirez like the last Florida shortstop we picked up, Edgar Renteria. We're willing to take the chance that we can make do with a shortstop with a .315 career batting average, 27 or so homers a year and an average of 41 stolen bases.

2B Schumaker

SS Ramirez

1B Pujols

LF Holliday

RF Ludwick

CF Rasmus

3B Freese

C  Molina

Yeah, I realize this is never going to happen in real life. But I think I just drooled on my shirt a little bit while typing out that lineup. Heck, I don't even care if Pujols bats fourth.