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Bleacher Report: Holliday signing one of the best off-season moves

The Cardinals' signing of Matt Holliday to a seven-year contract was named the third-best move of the off-season by The Bleacher Report -- and the best non-trade pick-up this winter.

The only acquisitions that out-ranked the Birds were part of the same deal. Number two was the Mariners' trade for Cliff Lee while the Phillies' pick up of Roy Halladay was named the best addition. Lee and Halladay were part of the three-way deal between Philadelphia, Seattle and Toronto.

According to Bleacher Report:

With Holliday back in the fold, the Cardinals can boast the two best hitters in the NL Central as well as the two best pitchers in that division. With Pujols still very likely to sign long term with the Redbirds, maybe the Phillies' run at an NL dynasty in the next few years won't go completely uncontested.

That's an interesting point because the Phillies are threatening the Cardinals' position as the most recent National League team to win the pennant three seasons in a row. The 1942-44 Cardinals won three pennants and two World Series in a three-year span then took a year off in 1945 and won the whole thing again in 1946.

Not that they need any more motivation to try to win a title, but Albert Pujols has such respect for Stan Musial and the Cardinals of the past that I'm sure he would take a lot of pride in helping to protect the legacy of the 1940s Redbirds.