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LaRue disabled. Anderson gets the call...

The Cardinals put Jason LaRue on the disabled list as expected.

What was not expected is that they activated minor league catcher Bryan Anderson to replace him on the roster. It was widely presumed that Class AAA catcher Matt Pagnozzi would get the call to the big leagues.

Anderson is a better hitter than Pagnozzi, but he became mired in the minor leagues because of defensive inabilities -- not to mention troubles last season staying healthy.

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Bryan Anderson

Hitting .333 for Memphis in 18 at bats, Anderson has a homer and a double. Pagnozzi is hitless in six at bats.

Once considered a hot prospect, Anderson has reportedly fallen out of favor with the Cardinals brass because of his stalled development. It's hard to tell if the Birds see this opportunity as a make it or break it chance for Anderson... Or if they are trying to showcase him as a major league hitter to try to rekindle Anderson's lost trade value.

A third possibility is the Cardinals could be trying to gauge Anderson's pinch hitting abilities in consideration of keeping him around to do that -- and to be a third string catcher -- once La Rue is healthy. The Redbirds don't usually keep a third catcher, but the bench isn't exactly stocked with bulletproof veterans. So maybe the team wants to keep it's options open.

I appreciate good defense behind the plate. But it's good to see the Cardinals trying to breathe some life back into Anderson's career.