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Rick Ankiel sighting

If you want to see the differences between the Cardinals and Missouri's other MLB team, check out this video from Fox Sports Midwest.

In it Rick Ankiel, a guy who couldn't stick with St. Louis as a fourth outfielder, is touted as the crown jewel of the Royals off-season. Now I like Ankiel and I'm not trying to pick on him. In fact, I am glad after all he's been through that he was able to find a starting job in the majors. But it's pretty laughable to hear him say that Kansas City brought him in to share his wealth of experience with the Royals prospects.

It's easy to forget because he has been around so long that Ankiel was only a regular position player in the majors for two years and a couple of months. And he spent a great deal of that time on the disabled list.

The Royals may think of Ankiel as a major free agent addition. But it's pretty obvious that he sees his Kansas City stay as a chance to redeem his career and catch on with a team that has a chance to win. No matter how well he plays, Ankiel alone will not be enough to turn the 65 game winning Royals into a contender in 2010.