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Basketball and the Mad Hungarian

There's more to spring training than ballgames.

While it took a while to get used to Jupiter after the Cardinals moved their spring operations here from St. Petersburg a decade ago, now there are so many places we want to see, it's hard to get to them all in a week or so.

Last Night we hit Abbey Road, a nice restaurant and a sports bar rolled into one, on Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens. A lot of the Cardinals players and other members of the organization hang out there and it's a great place to get autographs.

On Thursday we went there to watch the NCAA tournament and sat all with Cardinals broadcaster Al Hrabosky at a table to our right and reliever Josh Kinney -- sporting his 2006 World Series ring -- at the bar on our left.

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Al Hrabosky sits with friends watching NCAA basketball Thursday at Abbey Road in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

Hrabosky was incredibly gracious as a trio of Cardinals fans -- and a Cubs fan -- hovered at his table for the entire course of the game between Missouri and Memphis asking him question after question ranging from the likelihood that the Redbirds will make it to the World Series to asking his whether he liked other broadcasters and coaches in baseball.

I'm pretty sure I would have told the guys to beat it about 10 minutes into the situation. But Hrabosky entertained them the whole night with incredible patience.

After the basketball game was over, the Cardinals fans left happy with autographs in hand. Meanwhile, the Cubs fan walked back to the same hotel where we are staying. He said he couldn't believe that The Mad Hungarian gave him the business about the Wee Bears all night long. 

All in all, a pretty nice evening.