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The Redbirds Station will soon be birdless

It's odd to get some good news these days that involves the Cardinals. But the team will reportedly announce at 5 p.m. that it plans to move from KTRS AM 550 to its traditional home at KMOX AM 1120.

According to KMOX's website, a major announcement concerning the Redbirds will come at that time. It's been widely speculated since the Birds jumped ship to KTRS five years ago that they would move back. Fans were disenchanted from the start that the signal was hard to get on the outskirts of the St. Louis area -- even in the metro-east.

I think the staff at KTRS has done a great job broadcasting the games and providing supporting programming -- at least since they got rid of that insufferable Monty character. But the fact that you can't get good enough reception is something they could never get around.

I have tuned in the Mighty MOX while motoring down the highway in Long Island, New York and got better reception than I can get it parts of Fairview Heights while listening to KTRS.

The return to 1120 on the dial may also help the Cardinals draw some of their more distant fans back into the mix. The radio station played a huge role in turning Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and parts of Iowa and Texas into Cardinals country during its heyday. The role of radio isn't what it once was with the advent of cable and satellite television where you can watch crystal clear major league games anywhere in the country. But "watching games on the radio" still holds magic for a lot of people.