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Holliday's deal defers $2 million a year

Cot's baseball contracts has the details of the Cardinals agreement with outfielder Matt Holliday. According to the site, the deal calls for $2 million a year to be deferred. That should give the Birds some additional flexibility when it comes to rounding out the roster and re-signing Albert Pujols to a contract extension.

The option year of the contract has a vesting trigger. But it requires Holliday to finish in the top 10 in NL MVP voting to force the Cardinals to pick it up. Obviously, he would still be one of the best players in baseball at that point to keep the Birds on the hook.

Here's Holliday's entry:

Matt Holliday lf

7 years/$120M (2010-16), plus 2017 option

  • 7 years/$120M (2010-16), plus 2017 option
    • re-signed by St. Louis as a free agent 1/10
    • 10-16: $17M annually, 17:$17M club option ($1M buyout)
    • 2017 option guaranteed with top 10 finish in 2016 MVP vote
    • $2M annually deferred
    • full no-trade clause