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O's no! (Updated)


Buster Olney tweets that the Cardinals's offer to Holliday is more than $100 million. Meanwhile Tracy Ringolsby continues to report that the Cardinals have offered $140 million and eight years -- guaranteed...

That would be a shocker.


In a report sure to make Cardinals fans' hearts miss a beat. Fox Sports reporter Tracy Ringolsby says the Orioles have made an eight-year, $130 million offer to Matt Holliday.

Could it be the dreaded mystery team. Before I could finish choking on my lunch, Ringolsby said the Redbirds would not go down without a fight. He reported St. Louis countered with an eight-year, $140 million deal, which most St. Louis fans would have to view as utterly preposterous.

Now Buster Olney and the Baltimore Sun are reporting that it's all a bunch of hooey and that the O's are involved in the bidding. Orioles president Andy McPhail said of the Holliday talk: "There is no validity to those reports whatsoever."

I wonder who the source was on the Baltimore bid? Could it be Holliday's agent Scott Boras trying to send the Cardinals into a panic so they would bid against themselves?

It's a possibilty that has to be considered.