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Spiezio Speaks

Ever wonder what happened to Scott Spiezio after the notorious meltdown in 2007 spring training that ultimately led to the end of his Cardinals career?

This may be your big chance to find out.

The former Cardinals super utility player will make give his first interview to the St. Louis media this morning on 1380 a.m. I know I'll be listening.

It's really a shame that Spiezio lost control and let it ruin his career. The guy had the world by the horns, snagging a second World Series ring in the same town where his father won baseball's biggest prize in 1967. He was an honest to goodness folk hero in town with everyone from todlers to senior citizens sporting faux Cardinals red soul patches on their chins at home games.

How much could the Cardinals have used Spiezio's bat in the lineup last season when Chris Duncan, Rick Ankiel and Brian Barton all went down with injuries?

If you can't be near a radio when the interview goes down, you can listen online at