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Pineiro and (sigh) more on Holliday

The Mets reportedly like Joel Pineiro as a solution to their various starting pitching woes. But they don't like the three-year, $30-million contract his agent proposes, according to's Jon Heyman.

People who have spoken to Minaya suggest he is extremely interested in Holliday, who some Mets people see as the perfect middle-of-the-order and clubhouse presence they need to try to turn things around.

Heyman writes about that other Cardinals free agent, um... what's his name? Oh, yeah: Matt Holliday:

(Mets GM Omar) Minaya has never shied away from the high-priced star player. Mets people clearly prefer Holliday to Bay and the Mets seem like a logical landing spot for Holliday (others include the Giants, Cubs, Braves, Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners and incumbent Cardinals) since they were the only team not to hit 100 home runs in '09 and have a gaping hole in left field. Yet, there are mixed signals about how aggressive they'll be in pursuing Holliday.

While Minaya appears to be a major fan of Holliday, there are issues, such as:

1) There's a question as to whether the Mets have the appetite for another $100 million deal.

2) There's a school of thought within their organization they might be better off spreading the money around to fill all their needs (the others include starting pitcher, catcher and perhaps second base -- if they can unload Luis Castillo's contract).

3) There's also some question as to whether it's all Minaya's call at this point. If he ever had "full autonomy," that's gone now, following the team's dreadful season.

While he was in his 45-minute meeting with Boras, Minaya also discussed a few other Boras clients who are free agents, including Jarrod Washburn (the Brewers and Mariners are favorites there), Rick Ankiel and their own Alex Cora, who they love for the utility role."