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Votto MVP award a blessing or curse?

It seems to be the general consensus that the Reds Joey Votto will win the National League MVP award this season despite the fact that Albert Pujols led the National League in runs and RBIs while Votto plays in the most notorious band box in the senior circuit.

Sure, Votto's Reds won the NL Central. And to some voters, making the post season is what the MVP is all about. But I am not going to argue about the hypocrosy of the selection process. I'm here to celebrate it. Because the best thing that can happen to the Cardinals when it comes to the MVP award is having Votto add it to his resume.

Cardinals fans are currently wringing their hands with worry about how the Redbirds, who drew more than 3.1 million people in 2010 and more than 40,000 per game will pay Albert Pujols. What will Reds fans be doing in a couple of years when Votto goes through the arbitration process and then becomes a free agent. Despite their big year, they just barely broke the 2 million mark in attendance and averaged 25,400 fans per game. The Birds are fourth in MLB attendance. The Reds are 20th.

How do the Reds plan to pay the bills if their revenue stream doesn't change drastically?