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Craig to try third base?

The Cardinals plan to start to use Allen Craig at third base as Felipe Lopez continues to struggle both at the hot corner and at the plate, according to a Fox Sports report.

Although it makes sense because Craig played third base in the minors, it's a bit concerning because the Birds have up to this point held out on putting the rookie there in the big leagues. Why? Well, he's not a very good defensive player at third base, so the Cardinals have converted him to the outfield. It's an awful lot to ask a guy who is struggling to learn to hit big league hitting now to take on the added pressue of playing a position he's struggled at.

Hopefully the move will just be a part time thing to give Lopez a breather and to get his bat straightened out. But it is bad news for Craig that Lopez was a .300 hitter last season as a second baseman. And, while trying to play third this season, he's a .250 hitter.