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Baltimore offered $70 million for Holliday

If the Orioles are Scott Boras' mystery team, the only mystery was how Baltimore thought it had a chance to get a deal done.

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the O's offered Matt Holliday a $70-million contract to come play in crab cake country. That's the lowest offer agent/supervillain Boras is known to have fielded for Holliday so far. And it comes after the Red Sox and Cardinals were publicly known to have had larger offers rejected.

Is this one of those Cardinalsesque public relations offers? You know. like the alleged A.J. Burnett courting from a few years back or Brian Fuentes from last off-season, when they make a lowball offer and then shake their heads in disbelief that the player made the gutwrenching decision to go elsewhere for twice as much money.

Or maybe it is some sort of quid pro quo with Boras... We'll help you drive up the cost of your marquee free agent and maybe you can not put us over a barrel when one of our youngsters goes to arbitration...

Anyway, it seems like Baltimore has never been a serious factor in this equation...