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Pineiro tells Mets no

It's turning out to be a pretty nasty off-season for the Mets.

According to Newsday, former Cardinals hurler Joel Pineiro has rejected New York's overtures and is said to be close to signing a free agent contract with the Angels.

The Mets apparently were uncomfortable getting into the bidding for Cardinals slugging outfielder Matt Holliday, opting instead for a four-year deal with former Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay. A couple of days ago it was revealed Boston backed off of Bay because MRIs revealed his knees are in lousy shape.

Then New York tried to stand its ground in a protracted negotiation with catcher Bengie Molina who wanted a three-year contract. They thought they had Molina where they wanted him, but then Yadier Molina's older brother shocked them by taking less money than New York had on the table to go back to the Giants.

Finally Pineiro, one of the better pitchers available on this off-season's free agen menu, looked like a shoe in for the Mets. The only other interest that registered on the radar screen was from the Dodgers who don't have much money to spend. But the Angels, armed with cash after losing John Lackey and Chone Figgins, swooped in and appear to be ready to call strike three on New York.

The Mets were one of several teams to watch oft-injured hurler Ben Sheets throw on Tuesday. I wonder if they will feel the need to overpay Sheets on a short-term deal to calm the restless fanbase. It seems like fans in Gotham have good reason to be disappointed as their team has failed to address its crummy pitching staff.