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Hank Aaron: Time to get off McGwire's back

The guy who hit more homers than any other player not on steroids in MLB history said today that it's time to stop the Mark McGwire bashing and get on with our lives.

Aaron told Monday:

"I think baseball is cleaning up its act a little bit, I really do. I've said this and I'll say it again, over and over again, this is the most forgiving country in the world. If you come through and tell the truth, then you're going to be forgiven.

"The kid with the Yankees, Pettitte, came out and it was a week of news and after that it was over. We all make mistakes. If they ever did enhancing drugs, whatever they did, they should come clean and be able to sleep at night.

"I would have loved to have seen [McGwire] do it a long time ago, but since he did it, I think that he himself will tell you right now he's able to sleep at night and he's able to look at his teammates. He's done everything that he can do."


NBC sportswriter Craig Calcaterra thinks that is good enough. He writes:


"The line forms on the left for those wanting to tell Hank Aaron he's wrong and that McGwire should still be forced to say even more about his PED use.  Anyone want to join it?  Rosenthal? Heyman? Haudricourt? Bryant? Madden?"

If Aaron can forgive and forget after Barry Bonds stole the record he had to pursue while being bombarded with threats against his life, I think that ought to be good enough for all of us.