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Rumor Mill: Pitchers

Despite the fact that the Rangers have been aggressively pursuing former Milwaukee ace Ben Sheets, reports that talks between the most intriguing pitcher left on the free agent market and the pitching desperate team appear to have broken off.

The hangup seems to be that Sheets insists on at least a 2-year deal while Texas only wants to give the injury prone pitcher a single season contract.

There's no doubt that Sheets has spent a lot of time on the shelf over the years. But he fell just shy of the 200 innings pitched mark in 2008, Only one Cardinals starter, Kyle Lohse, made it to 200 innings last season.

Meanwhile, Colorado has apparently dropped out of the Braden Looper bidding, according to the Denver media. That leaves the Dodgers, Orioles, Cubs and Brewers as teams who are considering the versitile starter in 2009.

Randy Wolf continues to talk with the Dodgers. And Looper will likely have to wait for Looper to come off the board before he determines his market and hammers out a deal with a team.