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No Holliday? Then no more Boras

Apparently former Cardinals infielder Felipe Lopez is part of a package of second or third tier players the Birds would consider brining back if they can't make a deal to re-sign slugging outfielder Matt Holliday.

While I think my view of trying to replace one of the best clean-up men in the game with a poor fielding journeyman infielder, I am more perplexed as to why the Cardinals would consider signing Lopez due to the fact that he is a Scott Boras client.

If Boras is going to hold the Cardinals hostage on the player they need, why reward him by giving one of his least valuable clients a contract that further pads Boras' pockets.

I think St. Louis has done several Boras clients favors in the past, not the least of which would be its paying Rick Ankiel several million dollars while it took him about a decade to try to get his head straightened out. And what does it get them? Getting publicly called out by Boras who seems bound and determined to steer Holliday away from them.

If and when this deal falls through, the Cardinals need to join the growing list of teams that simply refuses to deal with Boras. Sooner or later the Yankees are going to run out of roster spots. And only then will this madness end.