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Lincecum gets lit up

It's really a shame that the bullpen let Chris Carpenter's richly deserved 17th victory get away from him Saturday.

Giants starter Tim Lincecum, a top competitor for the Cy Young Award, was smoked in a big, high profile game Sunday. He gave up five earned runs on four hits and four walks in a pivital game against the Dodgers, lasting only four innings.

The setback could open the door for Carpenter and Adam Wainwright to take the lead in the quest for the 2009 Cy Young Award.

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Giants starter Tim Lincecum stumbled Sunday in a loss to the Dodgers, failing to make it five innings. Could the setback open the door for St. Louis Cy Young contenders Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright? AP photo.

The bad outing raised Lincecum's ERA to 2.47 and his walks and hits per innings pitched to 1.06 while his record sank to 14-6 with the loss. Carpenter's record is 16-4 with a 2.34 ERA and a WHIP of 1.01. That one extra win could end up making a huge difference when the final Cy Young votes are tallied at the end of the season.

While Adam Wainwright will go for his league leading 19th win tonight, which is vital to his quest for the Cy Young. Wainwrights' 2.59 ERA and his 1.21 WHIP going into the finale against the Cubs seem to make him a dark horse to Carp and Lincecum... Unless he can get to 20 wins while shaving his ERA and WHIP down to more competitive numbers.

With two weeks to go, the race is still too close to call.