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Boston's rejects

It's amazing how self absorbed some of the supporters of the Red Sox are.

First John Smoltz and later Brad Penny found spectacular success only after they left Boston to return to the National League. Now the papers there are running stories about how the pitchers aren't actually doing better... They're just benefiting from getting to pitch in the inferior National League.

Julio Lugo wasn't misused... He is benefiting from being able to feast on the poorer pitching on the National League.

Hmmmm... If the American League is so much superior to the Senior Circuit, tell my why the NL has handily won two of the last three World Series. It would seem that the best team in the best league wouldn't have so much trouble against a team that couldn't hit or pitch.

Maybe the American Leaguers hit or pitch better because their performance enhancing drug testing seems to be inferior to that of the NL.

I was more shocked by a story over the weekend in which the Boston media defended GM Theo Epstein's contract signings. Not only the $10.5 he passed out to Smoltz and Penny only to release each of them after a handful of starts while they were arguably still scraping off the rust. But the $70 million deal he handed JD Drew to opt out of his contract with the Dodgers and hit .266 with 19 homers. No mention was made of the $9 million they will pay Julio Lugo this year and next to play for the Cardinals.

The Red Sox are no great judges of talent. They simply solve their problems by throwing money at them. Only this year it doesn't seem to have worked.