Cheap Seats

Did the Cubs act too soon?

Will the Cubs regret their speedy decision to hire longtime coach Mike Quade now that the Yankees are down 3-1 in the American League Championship Series?

If the Bronx Bombers lose the next game, I could see the hot-headed new generation of Steinbrenners making Joe Girardi the scapegoat for another high-dollar flameout. And the guy the Cubs really wanted all along would be on the street looking for a job.

While the Cubs leapt, the Mets have taken a more deliberate approach to hiring a manager and a general manager. Maybe they are used to the way the Yankees deal with things and knew all along that Girardi might fall into their laps.

If Girardi does get fired, I wonder if the Cardinals would decide to put an end to the annual La Russa watch and get him into the organization. I'm torn on this idea because the club often doesn't seem to use the sort of long range thinking that would call for them to give Girardi a job as a special assistant to the GM for a year and a promise that he would be the skipper in 2012. But, on the other hand, the Redbirds would probably like to have a young -- but already established -- star as a manager. And Girardi fills that bill with his 365-283 record and a .563 winning percentage.

It's a far-fetched idea. But, besides the Mets opening, there aren't a lot of glamorous jobs available right now. The Brewers are a team in transition with star first baseman Prince Fielder possibly on the trading block before he becomes a free agent. Toronto is a perennial doormat in the American League east. The Marlins are out of the picture because Girardi was fired there because their meddling owner felt the then rookie manager showed him up. That leaves the Pirates and I don't think that's going to happen in this lifetime...

Maybe Girardi can rally the Yanks. But I would be pretty nervous right now given the fact that his contract is up. The Steinbrenners don't do well with disappointment.