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Sutter to offer relief to Phillies Pharmhands

Another item for the I can't Believe the Cardinals Let This Happen File:

St. Louis Hall of fame closer Bruce Sutter has been hired as a reief pitching consultant -- By the Phillies.

I guess the Birds bullpenners are all so perfect that they don't need help from a Hall of Famer?

Sutter's job description is to take a look at the relief prospects in the Philadelphia farm system and make recommendations about what can be done to help the hurlers improve. But, according to a Monday story on, he has specifically been asked to teach farmhand Scott Mathieson how to throw a split-fingered fastball.

Phillies brass thinks the prospective big league closer, who is tearing this up for Class AAA Lehigh Valley, needs a second pitch to make it to the top. He's struggled with trying to develop a slider, so the splitter is next on the agenda -- even though Philadelphia generally recommends against their minor leaguers using the pitch because it can be stressful on the elbow.

I have often wondered if Sutter might be able to groom Jason Motte, who rumor has it could use a second pitch, into being more of a pitcher than a thrower. But I guess we won't find out since he's been forced to find work elsewhere.