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Is DeRosa's signing with the Giants good or bad news?

While Mark DeRosa is in San Francisco taking a physical, officially putting Plan B in extremely dire straits, I wish I could feel confident that the Cardinals were making some serious efforts toward making Plan A become a reality.

But, while it makes sense on paper that the willingness of the Rebirds to refuse to match a two-year, $12-million offer from the Giants to DeRosa must mean they are confident that they think they are going to be able to sign Matt Holliday, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were willing to let Holliday AND DeRosa go so they can sign Felipe Lopez and John Smoltz and make it sound like that was the thing they really wanted to do all along.

In reality, the Giants' offer to DeRosa was a pretty reasonable deal. There is no reason why the Cardinals couldn't afford to match it AND sign Holliday. At $6 million a year for DeRosa, it would seem that there is no relationship between his signing and where the Birds stand with Holliday.